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Teeth Whitening at Home are a UK supplier of products for teeth whitening at home - kits, gels, pens and Crest 3D Strips not just to the UK, but worldwide. All of our products are quality tested and approved in Europe so you can be sure you are buying a safe and quality product.

Why pay dentists fees when you can whiten your smile just as effectively and safely at home?

Our branded range includes the following:-

A selection of tooth whitening kits to suit all people whether you have whitened your teeth before or not. We have recently added a new range of non peroxide products for those people who suffer with sensitivity but still want excellent results. Some of our kits come with an LED light which accelerates the whole process. So a white smile even faster!

All our gels and kits are manufactured in Europe and meet recent EU legislation banning the sale of peroxide based products. We sell to dentists, technicians and smile spas all around the UK. These are great if you have your own mouth trays and want to top up your gleaming white smile.

Teeth whitening pen – these handy pens will fit in your handbag and you can whiten or top up your smile anywhere you want.

Crest Strips are easy to use, safe and effective. These popular strips are made by Proctor and Gamble – a brand you can trust. They are an outstanding product and there is a large selection to choose from depending on the level and speed of results you desire.

Your smile will be visibly whiter in just a couple of hours or after a few days depending on which product you choose – and they all come with free UK delivery. Next day delivery and worldwide shipping is also available.